Real Estate Video Channels Features And Benefits

Market your listings more effectively with video while buyers and sellers contact you from your real estate video website.

All real estate agent video channel members include access to below tools.

1. Your own Custom url. e.g. or
2.  Video Blog commonly called a Vblog
3.   All your listings as videos will now show on one website. 
3a. You will no longer need to have your leads go to youtube, vimeo etc.
4.  Virtual Tours that can be customized
5.  Automatic display of all videos from
6.  Your choice of colors for your site to match  your logo or current website theme
7.  Contact Forms
8.  Call to actions buttons to help generate leads.
9   Back links to your main website for great search engine help.
10. Your  real estate agent video channel website can be edited  by you at any time.
11 .add/edit/delete pages.
12. Open House Calendar. Show videos of open house events
13  Video Bio can be added.
14. All Video Channel members will get free membership in
15  Access to news and tips on the latest web and video technology used by agents.
16  Proudly display the video channel certified video agent seal on your website.
17. Advertising revenue with the ability to sell banners
18. Upload your own videos in mp4 format
19. Works with videos hosted on Amazon s3
20. Advertisement support – image, video or youtube ad can play before main video.
21. Videos work  h.264 .mp4 / .m4v / .mov as all work on iPhone
22. If not worrying about iPhone then you can upload .FLV as support is available
23. Supports YouTube play lists
24. Now supporting new HTML5 format videos
25. Not one but 2 different virtual tour displays.  Letting your clients select what they prefer.
26. Ability to create unlimited single property pages 

New:  Many online tools for our members to edit movies, create movies from static photos. Add a movie to your own main website with a couple clicks. Download and upload to YouTube from your members area.

Convert moves from mp4 to avi to flv. Edit your photos online by adding effects. No need for expensive software.

NEWER! Tag your photos just as Facebook does but with many more features.  Not only can you add text like Facebook but you can show videos, music, images or links to your photos then upload to your site. EXAMPLE

Create your own  custom QR Codes with tracking to see how many times it  has been scanned. Not the standard B&W QR code but fancy colorful with pre selected designs to use. Stand out from the crowd. Each code can be used as a gateway to your video channel.

Your qr code generator can be used to generate 
Text or take users to a Website or your Social network account page or call a Telephone number or send a text (SMS) and or send email or just open a new email on your  cell. It can also be used to pass along your info as a V-Card or a Me-card for windows phones.

Now a tool to add any or your Real Estate Video Channel Videos to Facebook.

 New Video Search . Search the web for real estate videos. Many different filters. Sort by upload date and more,

Finally ONE SITE where you can upload videos to YouTube, display all videos, edit videos, create videos. If it has to do with Videos this is your place to be. Create QR codes that direct users to your video channel, update Facebook and twitter right from your own video channel. Edit images online or add effects  Add videos to Facebook . No need to send your clients to multiple sites to see your videos, social posts or virtual tours. All can be viewed on your own video channel site. They can even keep up with your social posts and most importantly use any device  from iPhone to iPad to pc to mac. 

Share your Instagram videos & photos automatically on your video channel

Download and convert videos from youtube to .flv, mp4, avi, wmv, mp3, ogg, webm file formats)

Personalize YOUTUBE account with our FREE designs to enhance your videos

New Service: Submit your powerpoint files . We will convert to a video format for youtube posting.

Now you may create video and then schedule it to play at any time. Such as a training video to play at 2 P.M. every day and a different video to play at another time. You can do this with your own video channel. Have your agents sign in to watch these scheduled videos ( they only play once so they cannot come back and watch video again)Then possibly have a quiz that you created for what they saw in order to see if they videos helped.

Online support with operator chat window.

Videomail: Watch video in Email. Send video links to your clients

Schedule Posts to facebook automatically with membership. No need to go to facebook and no advertisements such as hootsuite displays in their posting tools

New URL shortener.  track users and share URL easily.  

Marketing Campaigns
Add an ad to your videos. Yes even a video ad to play before your own video with option for viewers to skip ad.

NEW: Site visitors, (potential leads), can call you on your cell phone to chat with you. They do not need to buy a microphone or headset or even have a phone!   The sound will come from the PC speakers and the input from the built in microphone all computers now have.

 With just click of a button they can talk to you. Included with every Video Channel!

SEO Tools  Included with every Video Channel Web Site!

The perfect couple!

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